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Metropolitan Fair Housing
Council of Oklahoma, Inc.

“Fighting Housing Discrimination in Oklahoma Since 1979”

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Our Mission

“The Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma is a private nonprofit fair housing agency dedicated to the creation of racially and economically integrated communities, and the elimination of housing discrimination”

Promoting equal housing opportunity since 1979

How We Help

Fair Housing - It's Your Right

Fair Housing Counseling

MFHC counselors help individuals determine whether housing discrimination has occurred and helps victims learn their fair housing rights, remedies, and options under the Fair Housing Act.


Fair Housing Referral's

Complaint Referral

MFHC counselors assist victims of housing discrimination in filing their complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for enforcement remedies under the Federal Fair Housing Act. MFHC serves as the victim’s fair housing advocate throughout the HUD enforcement, investigative and complaint resolution process. If you or someone you know feel you have experienced housing discrimination and want to file a fair housing complaint, contact us.

Legal Referral

If counseling and mediation fail, or if the housing complaint merits legal action, MFHC may refer the complaint for legal representation to an MFHC Cooperating Attorney at no cost to the complainant.

Investigation & Testing

MFHC counselors investigate the complaint by gathering evidence to support the victim’s allegation of housing discrimination. MFHC uses a method of evidence gathering called “testing” which documents a housing provider’s rental, sales, lending, insurance or appraisal practices. This information is forwarded to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity when the Housing Discrimination Complaint is filed on behalf of the alleged victim. MFHC maintains a corps of trained, volunteer testers who gather evidence on housing practices.

Mediation Services

MFHC counselors work to educate housing providers and renters on fair housing and renter’s rights in an effort to create a clear understanding of responsibilities between conflicting parties to prevent homelessness and promote equal housing opportunity.

About Us

 Since 1979, the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council has served as the only full-service, 501(c) (3) private nonprofit, qualified fair housing enforcement and advocacy organization in Oklahoma. We provide fair housing enforcement resources to alleged victims of housing discrimination; respond to consumer complaints of unfair treatment from the housing industry, conduct fair housing/fair lending education and outreach training for consumers, housing providers, public and private organizations and conduct counseling and mediation services to promote equal housing opportunity.

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